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Track chains,Track links,Track link assy,Track link assembly

Track chains,Track links,Track link assy,Track link assembly

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Detailed Product Description


Track chains,Track link,Track link assy,Track link assembly

Model:Komatsu,Caterpillar,Hitachi,Kato,Kebelco,Sumitomo,Hyundai,Daewoo etc.

Complete forging/Hot Die Forging. 

About 40 days lead time.

1500-2000 Hours guarantee.


1.Product Specification






Yellow or Black








2 pieces 


2. Design / Structure / Details Pics

Track chains

Track chains drawing:

Track chain


Advantages / Features:

We are using advance machining centre,horizontal and vertical CNC machining to execute processes such as machining, drilling, threading and milling to ensure the qulity and precision of each component to ensure the accuracy of assembly dimensions. This is to maximize the life span of each component and minimize production cost per hour.

We can supply both sealed and lubricated (SALT) chains , also sealed track chains and dry track chains for excavators and bulldozers , track link pitches from 101mm to 260mm .


Finished Goods:

Track link assy



Track Link assembly


4. Factory View:

Track links


5.Testing Room:

Track chains

6.We offers thousands of high performance and reliability parts (special in undercarriage parts) for construction equipments
Brand catalog: 
Caterpillar:E70B/E110/E120B/E215/E235/E307/E311/E312/E322/E180/E240/E200B/E320/E300 E300B E330/E325
H.I. MX8/SE200/SE210/SE280/MX292
SH70/SH100/SH120/SH160/SH200/SH260/SH265/SH280/SH300/SH340/LS2650/LS2800 LS3400/LS4300

Rack link,1082-02651,SE280, Samsung

[1] Caterpillar[1] D155[1] D20,[1] D30,[1] D31,[1] D3C[1] D5[1] D50,[1] D5B[1] D5D[1] D60,[1] D6C[1] D6D[1] D6H[1] D7G[1] D85,[1] D8K[1] Daewoo[1] DH220[1] DH280[1] E110B[1] E200B[1] E240[1] E312[1] E320[1] E325[1] E330[1] EX100[1] EX100M[1] EX120[1] EX150[1] EX200-1/2/3[1] EX300-1/3/5[1] EX40[1] EX400[1] EX60[1] HD250[1] HD400[1] HD450[1] HD500[1] HD550[1] HD700[1] Hitachi[1] Kato[1] Kobelco[1] Komatsu[1] Komatsu:[1] Mitsubishi[1] MS110[1] MS180[1] PC100[1] PC100,[1] PC200-1/3/5/6,[1] PC220-1/3/5,[1] PC300-3/5,[1] PC400-1-3-5,[1] R200[1] R210[1] Samsung[1] SE210[1] SE280[1] SH120[1] SH200[1] SH280[1] SH300[1] SH400[1] SK07N2[1] SK200[1] SK220[1] SK300[1] SK320[1] Sumitomo[1] track chain[1] track chains[1] track link[1] track links[1] Track-chain[1] Track-chains[1] track-link[1] Track-Link-assembly[1] Track-link-assy[1] track-links[1]

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Anonymous user( 2012-06-01 07:18:49 ) Give comment Comment
i need new chains for 12 ton hitatchi tracs . can u suply.
empcnReply:( 2012-06-01 18:07:55 )
Dear Sir, Good day to you! Thank you for your inquiry of our track links. This is Nancy from DC international group limited. Nice to meet you! According to requirements, we deduced that the track chain you need is EX120, right? I will send you the data and drawing for your check. (Please open the attachment to get them.) Could you please offer us more information before i provide you a exact quotation? 1. The chains you need are 43 links, or 44 links? 2. How many chains you plan to buy? As we should take the transportation cost and the way of transport into account. It will be much appreciated to get your reply. If you get any questions, just feel free to contact with me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards
Anonymous user( 2012-05-06 15:31:25 ) Give comment Comment
track chains for KOBELCO SK 235 SR LC We think they are 51 links Could you quote a price in New Zealand dollars
empcnReply:( 2012-05-07 17:27:11 )
Dear Sir/ Madam,Good day to you!Thank you for your inquiry of our track chains. But feel sorry that we can't send you the quotation now as we need more information to confirm which type you need. 1. Which type you need? 2. How many of the spacing about the pitch of the track chains? Finally could you please share us your drawing of this type if you have? And then we can give you a more accurate price.
Anonymous user( 2012-04-30 21:24:48 ) Give comment Comment
Dear sir, i would like to set a wholesale market please may i know all the track links.and also would like to know the cost of the track chain and how do i pay your money?
empcnReply:( 2012-04-30 21:25:48 )
Dear sir/madam,we are very happy for reciving your inquiry,your questions are very big, Because the product model many, need you to list the model which type track links suit your market,then our workers will give you the detail reply.thank you.
Anonymous user( 2012-04-30 21:24:07 ) Give comment Comment
I plan to establish a wholesale corporation and am interested in your products. Please send me quotations for track chains with specifications to enable me make a choice.
empcnReply:( 2012-04-30 21:26:37 )
Dear sir, we will send you the quotation and technical parameter of track chains, and explain the difference to you. so you can choose according to your needs.
Anonymous user( 2012-04-30 21:23:29 ) Give comment Comment
Sir, Please provide us a quote for track chain. Regards, Harish K S
empcnReply:( 2012-04-30 21:26:53 )
Dear sir, we will send you the quotation and technical parameter of track chain which type you need, thank you.
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